Is a High Performance Air Filter Worth It?

Learn about the benefits and advantages of high performance air filters for your vehicle. Find out if they are worth it and how they can improve your engine's performance.

Is a High Performance Air Filter Worth It?

The high-performance air filter is a great way to increase your vehicle's power and fuel economy. Not only does it draw air from outside the engine compartment, where the air is colder, but it also doesn't need to be changed as often as a normal filter. High flow air filters offer better airflow and filtration of the air entering the engine, which can lead to increased horsepower by 3 to 5 HP and improved fuel efficiency. In some of the more expensive units, the filter comes with a cold air intake unit that extracts air from outside the car instead of the warm air used inside the engine compartment.

Cold air is denser and therefore burns better, thus improving the performance of your engine. But do these filters actually produce observable benefits? Jason Fenske of Engineering Explaned put these claims to the test and found that yes, high-performance air filters do work. However, don't expect lots of extra ponies to suddenly appear when you crush the accelerator. K&N high flow air filters are an easy, cost-effective way to increase engine performance.

They are reusable and come with a 10-year or million-mile warranty. When installing a new filter, make sure it has a good supply of cold air or else the power figure could drop. An air filter prevents debris and dirt from entering your car's engine through the manifold valves. The EPA has not tested oil-bathed filters or other free-flow air filters, but it has conducted tests that compare clogged conventional air filters with new ones.

A sports air filter sounds louder than a normal air filter because the larger volume of air is less restricted. Upgrading an engine's air filter is the easiest and most cost-effective modification an owner can make and K&N filters are worthwhile investments. Whether you want to increase your horsepower, fuel efficiency, or simply reduce the hassle of changing your air filter regularly, a high flow filter may be a good choice.