2 Inch Air Filters: Is Bigger Better?

Thicker air filters such as 2-inch oven filters allow for better airflow than 1-inch filters due to their less restrictive nature. Learn more about when it's best to use a 2-inch vs 1-inch oven filter.

2 Inch Air Filters: Is Bigger Better?

When it comes to air filters, bigger is often better. Thicker filters, such as 2-inch oven filters, allow for better airflow than 1-inch filters. This is because they are less restrictive and contribute to a better flow of purified air. In our tests, we found that the thicker the filter, the better it works and the longer the replacement intervals.

This means it's better for you and your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The following table lists the standard size 1 inch, 2 inch and 4 inch deep air conditioner filters for your air conditioner, oven, HVAC and atomic filters. Atomic Filters Whole House Air Filter Collections are also listed. When it comes to a 1-inch vs.

2-inch oven filter, you can use a 2-inch filter if your vent is deep enough and a 2-inch filter will generally last longer since it has more media. Thicker air filters tend to last longer because they have more square meters to capture and retain air particles. However, being more efficient at capturing particles means that you will plug the filter faster, resulting in more filter changes. This means that we can use this filter IF the duct system is in good condition; if the duct system is in poor condition, this filter will increase the resistance to air flow too much.

If you have poor airflow, check the air filter because the filter is clogged is one of the most common reasons. If you search for this item, some site will list it as 20 x 25 x 4 air filters or 20 25 4 filters. 1-inch pleated air filters have higher MERV ratings for one simple reason: they have more surface area to trap particulates. That said, the 1-inch filter may be too shallow, causing a loose fit that allows unfiltered air to enter the ductwork.

If you need a popular air filter size, you can search for a 20x25x1 air filter or just go to the guide and find its link to see all the purchase options for 20x25x1 air filter. Filters are measured by nominal size, which is a rounded number that varies by brand, so many filters have the part number of each brand they are compatible with. Air filters usually come in a range of standard sizes, with some that can be adapted to fit different sized filter boxes or air return openings. In conclusion, if only thickness is taken into account then 2-inch oven filters are superior to 1-inch filters due to their better airflow capabilities. However, if your duct system is in poor condition then using a thicker filter may increase resistance too much and cause problems.